Podobne projekty i inicjatywy

eSDI-Net+ consortium partners are working on the linkage to the following related projects and initiatives for better integration and dissemination of project results:

INSPIRE Directive

eSDI-Net+ worked in close collaboration with the INSPIRE DT for monitoring and reporting through it's co-chair Danny Vandenbroucke (eSDI-net+ partner K.U.Leuven R&D) in order to define the criteria which are necessary for assessing the sub-national SDI's in view of the selection of Best (Good) Practices. Practically, the approach of eSDI-Net+ took into account the on-going INSPIRE State of Play study, the deliverables of the INSPIRE DTs, as well as the discussions within the broader INSPIRE community as reflected through the INSPIRE conference.


The EU project Humboldt contributes to the implementation of a European Spatial Data Infrastructure (ESDI) that integrates the diversity of spatial data available for a multitude of European organisations. It is the aim of this project to manage and advance important parts of the implementation process of this ESDI. The partner Fraunhofer IGD as the Co-ordinator of the HUMBOLDT project and the eSDI-Net+ coordinator, the INI-GraphicsNet Stiftung as Dissemination WP Leader in HUMBOLDT consortium have established a strong relationship between these two projects in order to promote synergies and to complement the dissemination activities of the both consortia. GISIG, who is responsible for the training activities within HUMBOLDT communicates user requirements and stakeholder needs among the participants of both of the projects.


This project consists of 9 parts and 2 of them seem to be interesting for eSDI-Net+ since their tasks have similarities to the eSDI-Net+ project. These tasks are: First, GIS and Remonte Sensing Open Source Software Evaluation and second, best practices in GIS and Remonte Sensing Open Source Software. eSDI-Net+ could compare and improve the developed evaluation criteria and methods for identification of best practices. K.U.Leuven R&D as the co-ordinator of CASCADOSS has established the direct link to the project.


is a research project on SDI for public sector innovation financed by the Flemish Government. eSDI-Net+ partner K.U Leuven is directly involved in the activities of the project SPATIALIST contributes actively to the establishing of a synergistic relationship between these projects. A link to the eSDI-Net+ project on the website of the SPATIALIST project has been created for dissemination and awareness raising reasons.


The VESTA-GIS Network intends to set up a favourable context for enhancing professional skills at European level in the changing labour market consequent to the always increasing importance of GI in the new European dimension, that dramatically changes the way of working of the GI experts, GI operators, end-users, educators, developers etc. Within this project, the eSDI-Net+ partner GISIG is responsible for the training framework and the VESTA "certification". He established a connection to this project. At the project homepage, links to the eSDI-Net+ project and to the announcement of the Best Practice Award have been included.

Project GIS4EU

the project aim is to provide base cartography datasets (administration units, hydrography, transportation networks and elevation themes) for Europe and to ensure its cross scale, cross language and cross border interoperability and accessibility according to standards and to requirements of INSPIRE Directive (20007/2/EC). The approach consists in the development of a common data model as well as of harmonization, aggregation and data exposition rules and guidelines in order to enable the access to the consistent and homogenous reference data provided by cartographic authorities from different countries and levels (national, regional and local) without building one central database and service. After GIS4EU full implementation, there will be a significant progress noticed of accessibility, usability and exploitation of reference data through Europe. The eSDI-Net+ partner GISIG established a connection between the projects eSDI-Net+ and GIS4EU. At the project homepage, links to the eSDI-Net+ project and to the announcement of the Best Practice Award have been included. The call announcement can be downloaded at the web site.

Project EURADIN (EURopean ADdresses INfrastructure)

is a Best Practice Network co-funded by the EC eContentplus Programme (ECP-2007-GEO-317002), which to promote the European Addresses harmonization. The emphasis is in defining how access to existing address data should be made to ensure the interoperability of existing address data and working out a strategy on how to build up access services to national or regional addresses infrastructures. The project main result will be the proposal for the European addresses Infrastructure and the implementation, testing, and validation of a pilot European Addresses Infrastructure. The results shall be used as a reference for all European Member States to fulfil the INSPIRE recommendations with respect to addresses. The EURADIN partnership gathers 30 partners from 16 different European countries, covering 59% of the EU Member States. After a long time commitment to the Addresses issue, the eSDI-Net+ partner and WP2 leader EUROGI strongly supported the EURADIN since its very beginning, being one of the partners and the leader of Work package on Networking & Dissemination.