Regione Piemonte
Direzione Programmazione Strategica, Politiche Territoriali ed Edilizia, Settore Cartografia e Sistemi Informativi Territoriali
Corso Bolzano 44
10134 Torino

Regione Piemonte (PIEMONTE)

Regione Piemonte is one of the largest regional authority in Italy (8 Provinces, 48 Mountain Communities, 1206 Municipalities), very active in the field of Geographic and Environmental Data harmonisation and quality; it will support the Thematic Network by involving two complementary and strategic area (the Environmental Protection and the Territorial information System Departments) and by contributing with the following competencies:

  • A regional telecommunications network called “RUPARPiemonte” (Regional Unified Network for the Public Administration) that provides interconnection and value added services to the local administrations and the ongoing implementation of the RUPAR2 programme, a plan to extend the RUPAR to provide the whole regional territory with broadband connections and new on line value added services for the local public administration and private companies.
  • Expertise in software development for the management, application and consultation of Spatial Data in GIS Environment for natural and environmental resource management and in developing Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Local Spatial Data Infrastructure know how, having realised the SITAD project (Sistema Informativo Territoriale Ambientale Diffuso), developed by the GIS department to facilitate the co-ordination of public sector organizations to collect, manage, distribute and re-use spatial-data.
  • Research expertise developed in other similar Community initiatives (INSPIRE, 6th Framework Programme)