Linköpings University, Department of Computer and Information Science, Sweden
Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA)
581 83 Linköping

Linköpings University, Department of Computer and Information Science, Sweden (LIU-IDA)

At Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA) Linköpings Universitet (LiU) we have research on several activities concerning Information technologies like Geographical Information Systems. Some application areas are within Transportation, Location based services, Environment and Health and introduction of IT/GIS for monitoring disease patterns and analyse them with respect to geographic, demographic and socioeconomic factors as well as different environmental impact as metals, radiation and chemicals. The research also involves communication and transfer of information between individual users, as well as organisations and the development of supporting infrastructures. Within GIS we are members of Association of Geographical Information system Laboratories in Europe – AGILE and the network of Excellence – GMOSS with the focus on developing IT support for response to humanitarian crises. In projects concerning Ambulance care and rescue services we have the focus on mobile IT/GIS that is sustainable also in case of major catastrophes. The division for Human Centered Systems (HCS) is a multidisciplinary research unit within the Department of Computer and Information Science. The research and education is primarily focusing on human cognitive abilities and human interaction with information systems. Major research areas are multimedia, language technology, knowledge-based systems, information handling, visualization, interaction design, service design, geographical information systems, health informatics, and cognitive systems engineering. The section consists of five research groups where the GIS group is one. LIU-IDA is planning to organise the eSDI-Net+ Scandinavian SDI Best Practice workshop in 2009.