Kouvola Region Federation of Municipalities
Landuse (Dept.)
Ilmarinkuja 3
45100 Kouvola

Kouvola Region Federation of Municipalities (KRF)

The Kouvola Region Federation of Municipalities is the only voluntary Federation of Municipalities in Finland to carry out versatile regional cooperation. The Federation was established in 1994 on the basis of voluntary decisions of the 7 municipalities in the Kouvola region. Municipalities in the Kouvola Region have allocated the Federation of Municipalities following operations: business development, land use planning, waste management, vocational training and coordination of municipal cooperation. Its Department of land use planning’s responsible for master planning on the whole Kouvola region. Duties also include tasks relating to traffic infrastructure and urban structure, social housing including financing, spatial modelling and spatial probability, development of GIS systems on the region and system for optimising the geographical locations of services.