Hungarian Association for Geo-information
Pethenyi ut 11/b
1122 Budapest

Hungarian Association for Geo-information (HUNAGI)

The Hungarian Association for Geo-information is a Non-profit, interdisciplinary umbrella association which consists of 113 member institutions and organisations. HUNAGI runs 8 countrywide projects and has at the moment 46 students from 14 universities, colleges and 1 gymnasium. The mission goal of HUNAGI is to promote, stimulate, encourage and support the development and use of GI and its associated technologies and to strengthen the institutional links between the multidisciplinary GI communities in Hungary and in abroad. Objectives of HUNAGI is build up contacts with national GI associations. HUNAGI is active in facilitating the implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure by networking, knowledge transfer and information dissemination Domestic level: National Information Society Strategy & Implementation (MITS) , Strategy for the implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. On a European level HUNAGI took part in EU Framework Programmes, European Spatial Data Infrastructure (INSPIRE), Public

Sector Information, GI Network in Europe, i2010, GMES and GALILEO, UNECE WPLA, FAO SEUR Close collaboration with EUROGI, EuroCadastre, EuroGeographics, GISIG and European Institutions eg. DG JRC, InfSo, Envi, Eurostat, EEA, Research HUNAGI members are linked with EuroGeoSurvey, AGILE, EuroSDR, EFITA and others. Recently HUNAGI was appointed by the SDI stakeholders in Hungary to act as National Coordination Office for the United Nations SDI. HUNAGI is active in WAGs of EUROGI Member of the Board of Directors of GSDI (2004-2007), INSPIRE SDIC for DG JRC and Corresponding member of the National GEO Board since 2006. Within the eSDI-Net+ project, HUNAGI is activelly participating in dissemination and awareness raising activities. Besides this, HUNAGI is the organiser of the Hungarian SDI Best Practice Workshop, which will took place on August 29, 2008 in Budapest, Hungary.