AM/FM GIS Italia
AM/FM GIS Italia
Via Ugo Ojetti 427
00137 Roma


The Automated Mapping Facilities Management Geographic Information Systems Italia is a non grant funded, non profit Association of GI Institutions, companies and users (professionals and students) in Italy. It was established in March 1990 as the Italian chapter of AMFM International. AM/FM is based in Rome and has an elected Council of 15 members, which elects a President and a Secretary,. The objectives of the Association are to develop interest in GI in Italy, to diffuse information and knowledge of GI within Italy, to increase collaboration between public and private sectors in GI and to support coordination among different levels of government (national, regional, local ).

Now AMFM has 102 members made up of sponsor members, industrial members, users members and individual members, with a further 8 honorary members (Italian Governmental Institutions related to GI). Among members there are 4 regions, some large and medium size municipalities, utilities companies, the Italian branch of the major international GIS software vendors, software integrators etc.

AMFM has been involved in the Italian project called ‘Intesa Stato-Regioni-Enti Locali sui Sistemi Informativi Geografici’ (Agreement of National, Regional and Local Governments on GIS). AMFM has a strong liaison with CNIPA, which is the Technical Secretariat of the Italian National Committee for GI, and with the Committee itself: current activities span from the national ISO 19115 profile and related Catalogue Service, to the definition of technical specifications for topographic databases and orthophotos.

AMFM participates, by various its members, in UNINFO GI Commission: UNINFO is the national standardisation body, counterpart of ISO and CEN. AMFM is founder member of Eurogi, the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information. AMFM organizes an annual National Thematic Conference (so far, in Rome) on topical subjects in which some 2-3 hundred people take part, and some local events (specialised workshops and conferences) in various Italian regions (on cadastre, metadata, GI for utilities management, just to remember the subjects of some of them).

AMFM is founder member of ASITA, the Federation of Italian Scientific Associations for Geographic and Environmental Information. Each year ASITA organizes a national conference that involves 10-15 hundred people and the presentation of some 350-400 papers. In the last years, AMFM took in this so large national event issues like GI standard, regional and local SDI, INSPIR. In 2006 ASITA Conference, AMFM launched the FORUM IGT (IGT stands for Geographic and Territorial Information) that aims to improve coordination among institutional, industrial, commercial and professional subjects active in GI in Italy.

The role of AMFM in the eSDI network results from all that. AMFM promotes dissemination and awareness among a broad range of subjects, many of them are its members; undertakes identification and documentation of SDI best practices at local, regional and national level; organises national and European conferences and workshops; supports all eSDI-Net+ initiatives through its web site. Besides this, AMFM is the organiser of the Italian SDI Best Practice Workshop, which took place on September 25, 2008 in Rome, Italy.