Association for Geospatial Information in South-East Europe
Association for Geospatial Information in South-East Europe
Musagenitsa, Bl. 98 B, Entr. B, Floor 7, Apt. 49
1797 Sofia

Association for Geospatial Information in South-East Europe (AGISEE)

AGISEE was established in October 2004. Its overall goal is to support the needs of all groups of the society for access to, sharing and use of geographic information. To this end, the association works towards the development of an infrastructure that will allow users globally and inter-regionally to access spatial data at a variety of scales from multiple sources that will ultimately appear seamless to the user. It supports the work of organisations in Southeast Europe to develop their own initiatives for data access and data sharing, nationally and regionally, and works together with local, national, and international organisations to ensure that the geospatial data, services, and meta data are accessible through interoperable standards-based services, systems, software, and products that operate in a web-enabled environment.

Forming this association recognises that the GI sector needs to be better organized in order to eventually enable wide access to spatial data as stimulus for the market and for employment. In this respect, the association has a double role, firstly in informing members about relevant issues such as technology development, standards, best practice cases of using GI, world-wide actors, European initiatives, legal environment in Bulgaria and abroad, possibilities to obtain financing; secondly in promoting the role of GI to the outside world and lobby for better use of spatial data. Strong support is noted from the private sector (ESRI, Intergraph, URSIT Ltd.). The association lives mainly from the voluntary work of the management board and the founders, and has at the moment more than 60 members. Besides this, AGISEE is the organiser of the South East Euoropean SDI Best Practice workshop, which will take place on February 4-6, 2009 in Thessaloniki, Greece.