Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe
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Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE)

The Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe (AGILE) was established in early 1998 to promote academic teaching and research on GIS at the European level. AGILE seeks to ensure that the views of the geographic information teaching and research community are fully represented in the discussions that take place on future European research agendas and it also provides a permanent scientific forum where geographic information researchers can meet and exchange ideas and experiences at the European level. Members (groups of researchers rather than individuals) may be involved in matters relating to cartography, computing, geographic analysis, socio-economic and environmental modelling, and surveying as well as application areas such as agriculture, forestry, geology, hydrology, market research, urban planning, transport and research on the legal and institutional issues associated with the use of geographic information technologies. They can be based in academic institutions as well in other centres where geographic information research is carried out as for example EU-funded, government funded and National Science Council funded centres. At the moment (October 2006) there are 92 members from 22 different European countries. One of the major activities of AGILE is the organisation of an annual conference. Thus far, conferences has been organised in Enschede (1998), Rome (1999), Helsinki (2000), Brno (2001), Palma de Mallorca (2002), Lyon (2003), Crete (2004), Estoril (2005) and Visegrad (2006). Working Groups are established to promote activities on specific themes. Such themes are Environmental Modelling, Education, Data Usability, Interoperability and Data Policy. These working groups are the working units of AGILE. The Interoperability WG for example organized pre-conference workshops in order to bring together academics and specialists from private organisations to discuss current developments and joint research. Besides this, AGILE is the organiser of the Dutch and Belgian SDI Best Practice workshop, which will take place end 2008 – beginning 2009.