eSDI-Net+ Database of SDI Best Practices goes public! Register your SDI now!

Welcome to the SDI Best Practice Database! The database summarises the results of the SDI analysis and selection process performed by the eSDI-Net+ Network during the last three years. This public version of the database contains a subset of the collected data of the SDIs analysed, approved by the SDI owners. European SDI Best Practices are documented and categorised according to the criteria and indicators based on the common methodology for the evaluation of SDI solutions.

The experiences with the SDI assessment show that "each spatial data infrastructure is a special case" (Franco Vico, European SDI Best Practice Awards 2009). To single out and to follow a successful implementation path in developing an SDI it needs understanding of its own strengths and weaknesses. Self understanding implies comparisons and measuring against others. The SDI Database and the SDI Self-Assessment Framework are intended to facilitate comparison among various SDI good practices, and consequently to foster networking and sharing experiences among similar SDIs.

All SDIs in Europe are invited to submit their data. If you are interested to become part of the public SDI Database, please register here.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the database or the registration procedure, please contact the eSDI-Net+ Coordinator.