National and Regional Workshops

In 2008 and 2009, twelve national and regional SDI Best Practice workshops were organised throughout Europe to facilitate the comparative analysis of the experiences of about 200 SDIs from 32 countries.

National German and Swiss SDI Best Practice workshop in Darmstadt, Germany, February 2009

European region(s) represented at the workshop Workshop location Date
France Strasbourg, France June 5-6, 2008
Hungary Budapest, Hungary August 29, 2008
Czech Republic, Slovakia Brno, Czech Republic September 10, 2008
Italy Rome, Italy September 25, 2008
Romania Bucharest, Romania December 11-12, 2008
Poland Krakow, Poland January 29, 2009
Portugal, Spain Lisbon, Portugal February 5, 2009
SE Europe: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey Thessaloniki, Greece February 4-6, 2009
United Kingdom, Ireland Liverpool, UK February 11, 2009
Germany, Switzerland Darmstadt, Germany February 12-13, 2009
Belgium Brussels, Belgium April 28, 2009
Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden April 27, 2009
France Lille, France June 29-30, 2009

The workshops focused on common issues, usability and socio-economic impact of SDI's and addressed the integration between SDI's and e-government policies. They brought together stakeholders, and showed use cases and questions. A complete set of data obtained during the identification and analysis of promising SDI solutions throughout Europe has been collected and documented in a database of good practices.

Significant results were achieved towards characterisation of the existing SDI implementations throughout Europe. Summarising the results of the workshops, promising solutions from different European regions were recommended for further assessment and got an opportunity to present their developments at the European SDI Best Practice Awards 2009.