SDI Self-Assessment Framework

SDI self-understanding implies comparisons and measuring against others.

Assess your SDI with the assistance of the eSDI-Net+ SDI Self-Assessment Framework!

During 2008 and 2009 the eSDI-NET+ project team produced a "Methodology for describing sub-national SDIs" and derived from that an operational "Evaluation Framework" that includes defined criteria, indicators and weighted indexes in order to assess sub-national SDIs. This process was tested and verified with all submitted SDIs from 24 countries in Europe.

The results of this assessment process were presented in the European SDI Best Practice Awards 2009 Learning from Best Practices, International Conference held in Turin, Italy, 26th and 27th November 2009. Twelve sub-national SDIs were commended as excellent Best Practices.

The eSDI-Net+ SDI self-assessment framework (SDI-SAF) derives from the experiences resulting from the adopted methodology and the overall assessment process which were presented and appreciated at an international level. Its main purpose is to help SDI's in characterising and describing themselves. It can be even regarded as useful check-list to better focus at key issues in developing an SDI. To single out and to follow a successful implementation path in developing an SDI needs understanding of its own strengths and weaknesses.

The SDI-SAF is also intended to work in the opposite direction, from SDIs to the SDI community: by facilitating the comparison among various SDIs practices, it fosters networking and sharing experiences among similar SDIs.