AGH - University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Mining, Surveying and Environmental Engineering
al. A. Mickiewicza 30
30-059 Krakow

AGH - University of Science and Technology (AGH-UST)

Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering was created on 1st October 1951 as a part AGH - University of Science and Technology. Nowadays the research done by Faculty focuses on the applications of the computer science in the aspect of the processing of spatial data (GIS) and using modern measurement techniques. Research on many aspects related to the use of GPS, surface and air-born laser scanners and radar interferometry is carried out. Also work on the use of remote sensing and photogrammetry in the monitoring of natural environment, cultural monuments etc. is being done. The studies in environmental engineering concentrate on improving the methods of the assessment of the state of natural environment, optimisation of the impact of industry on environment and bringing back.

AGH-UST contributes to the dissemination of the eSDI-Net+ and related experiences, achievements via its web based service for its spatial data education. AGH is member of PTIP (Polish Association for Spatial Information), a non-profit, independent organisation founded to develop spatial information in Poland. Based on their activity AGH publishs and presents eSDI-Net+ achievements’ at the annual national conference “Geo-information in Poland”. It gives us the possibility to make this information readily available for the benefit of all users in the public and private sectors, including suppliers of data, services, hardware and software, academics and citizens in general.

Moreover, cooperation with Krakow Town Authority gives us possibilities to contribute our results to their initiative Cracow INSPIRE days. This initiative is established for regional scale INSPIRE directive implementation. Cooperation with Town Spatial Database Department can be a good example for test and popularization of project achievements in regional scale.

AGH-UST is involved in the identification and analysis of Best Practices (WP2), Awareness and Dissemination (WP4) and Project Assessment and Sustainability (WP5). Besides this, AGH-UST is one of the organizers of the eSDI-Net+ Poland SDI Best Practice Workshop, which will take place on January 29, 2009, in Krakow, Poland.