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The eSDI-Net+ project offers you a sustainable network as a platform to exchange experiences in the field of SDI and GI as well as international contacts to SDIs, GI and SDI key players, GI associations and other related networks and projects. An overview of the project results, which could be of your interest, is available here.

Do you belong to one of the stakeholder groups listed below? Please find out, what eSDI-Net+ offers to satisfy your needs. If you don't find yourself described below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The eSDI-Net+ network addresses following main stakeholder groups:

  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs)

    eSDI-Net+ can help you to develop solutions that offer your customers simple search, access and viewing of geographical data in standard formats.

    eSDI+Net+ offers a public SDI Best Practice Database and a SDI Self-Assessment Framework that help to self-assess the SDI operation, identify its maturity level and timeline and find equivalent SDIs or SDIs that are ahead. These instruments are useful in order to overcome the limitations an SDI has to face.

  • Providers of digital geographical data (local, national and regional public authorities, private organisations and institutions)

    eSDI-Net+ helps to define clear data exchange policies to distribute your information.

  • Users of digital geographical data (research institutes, universities, software manufacturers)

    eSDI-Net+ contributes on a clearer definition of specifications and provides expertise regarding GI standardisation.

  • National and international GI umbrella Associations

    eSDI-Net+ offers networking and collaboration at all levels from local to global and disseminates the information about GI standards and SDI best practices.

  • Pan-European organisations and bodies

    eSDI-Net+ provides a significant contribution on the enforcement and validation of standards in Member States and on the elaboration of standardised solutions in order to create a shared base cartography.

Do you belong to one of these groups? Are you interested in the network activities? Please register here to receive the project newsletter or contact the eSDI-Net+ coordinator. Thank you very much for your interest.