At a glance

  • Bring together SDI key players and target users in the Thematic Network established as platform for communication and exchange between stakeholders involved in creation and use of SDI's
  • Promotion of high-level decisions and bottom-up technical discussion, and information exchange
  • Help GI stakeholders realise full potential of digital GI for content providers and users and increase awareness concerning importance of GI enrichment and SDI's for GI reuse
  • Allow integrated view of experts and foster creation of integrated guide lines, standards, and implementation of best practices
  • Establish communication mechanisms between European and local levels to maximize benefits INSPIRE, GMES and GALILEO and e-government programmes in order to establish more sustainable e-communities.
  • Develop solutions for multicultural and multilingual access, exploitation, use, and reuse of digitalGI content in Europe
  • Stimulate aggregation of existing national data sets of core GI into cross-border data sets